Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an application infrastructure that are desired to be integrated and consolidated from production to finance for companies. Unsuccessful experiences in ERP selection and applications guide us to do better. But if this experience comes at a high price, we need to be much more careful. As in all projects that aim to change the corporate culture and way of doing business, success and failure in ERP are caused by some of our basic choices.


CRM - What is xRM ? Customer relationship management is referred to by the abbreviation CRM, which is formed from the initials of the English Customer Relationship Management words. Due to the increasing number of customers in today's increasingly difficult competitive environment, customer relationship management is increasing its importance day by day. Especially considering that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 20 times more than maintaining an existing customer, the importance of this is better understood.


Digitized information and business processes are essential prerequisites for digital business models. With enterprise content management (ECM), you are creating a strategic company-wide digital transformation platform that makes your information assets available anywhere and anytime. You fully digitize processes and collaboration to be transparent and flexible. You get the best possible user experience and productivity level for your team. In addition, the thing that makes digital work effective is Workflow (BPM, Workflow) systems that can be integrated within your ECM system. 


IT service management – often referred to as ITSM – are systems that enable IT teams to manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. This includes all processes and activities to design, build, deliver and support IT services.
The core concept of ITSM is the belief that IT should be delivered as a service. A typical ITSM scenario may include requesting new hardware such as a laptop (Request Mamanagement), asking for help for a malfunction in the software you are using (Incident Management), and requesting changes in software or hardware used (Change Management). You will submit your request through a portal, fill out a ticket with all relevant information and initiate a repeatable workflow. The ticket will then appear in the IT team's work queue, where incoming requests are sorted and handled in order of importance.


Robotic process automation (RPA) are software robots used to automate highly repetitive routine tasks normally performed by those working on computer systems. In this way, data entries and processes can be completed with both personnel savings and minimum error.