While BIMSER CSP "Process Oriented Content Services PIatform" enables you to establish the content and process relationship you need at the highest level, it helps you transfer your processes to virtual environment, remove unnecessary approval waits and use your resources effectively. While doing this, it makes it easier for the right people to access quickly by associating the processes with the documents that are the input or output of the processes.


Bimser Synergy plays an important role in the digitalization and competitiveness of companies in Turkey with its eBA, QDMS, BEAM, ENSEMBLE and eBA:ITSM software products. It continues to be the first choice of leading companies in its sector, especially with the solutions it offers in the fields of document and workflow management, process and performance management, quality management, information security management, risk management, maintenance management and asset and information technology management.


Developing software packages for companies of different sizes and sectors for many years, BIMSER offers its users a complete solution development platform on which various business applications can be designed, and a wide product range that can work integrated with each other and with other products. BIMSER's software products are used by more than one million professionals in more than 1800 distinguished companies in Turkey today; With the efficiency it provides, it brings competitive advantage and success to these companies.


BIMSER software has been exported to more than 33 countries so far

We believe that with Bimser Products, we will help our customers make rapid progress in their digital transformation journey.