Corporate Policy

For Infosim, quality service means providing the most optimum solution to our customers. We have never been and never will be in the understanding that we can do anything. We will never overcommit to our customers. Accordingly, our goal is to ensure that the services we provide and the solutions and products we offer meet the expectations of our customers, while avoiding misleading information.
Based on this understanding, we are trying to continue our activities within the framework of the Ethical Rules stated below.

Code of Ethics

Openness and Honesty
Making clear agreements and keeping our word
Listening to our stakeholders' feedback
Notify quickly and clearly of changes that may affect our stakeholders


Confidentiality and Reliability
As Infosim, we first try to harmonize all our processes with the GDPR legislation. We take care to protect the privacy and private information of our customers, staff and all other stakeholders we work with. We protect confidential information regarding company activities, and share this information with relevant persons only within the specified authorities.
As Infosim, we consider information that may create a competitive disadvantage for ourselves and all our stakeholders, trade secrets, personal rights of personnel, and information within the framework of "confidentiality agreements" concluded with third parties as confidential and proprietary information.
It is absolutely unacceptable for us to gain any commercial interest by leaking any confidential information belonging to both our institution and our stakeholders. When our employees leave our company, they have confidential information and documents, regulations, etc. due to their duties. will not take the work out.

Our security policy
Infosim tries to take every precaution to protect the confidentiality, integrity and all physical and digital information assets throughout the institution. The information is protected from all internal and/or external threats, intentional or accidental, by evaluating it within the scope of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in both physical and digital environments. It also makes every effort to use the latest technologies.

Our Personnel Policy
Infosim ensures the full and correct use of personnel rights, approaches employees honestly and fairly, and commits to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. Infosim will be free from discrimination and any form of verbal or physical abuse. Infosim enables employees to express their grievances without fear and to have their concerns resolved appropriately and in a timely manner. Employees can personally convey their requests, complaints or ethical misconduct to the management. The solutions to these issues are reviewed and finalized by the management.
Infosim fulfills the legal requirements for the health and safety of its personnel, takes the necessary measures to prevent all health and safety risks of the personnel, and provides occupational health and safety by supporting their development with training opportunities. Accordingly, an Employee representative also takes part in the Infosim Occupational Health and Safety Board.
Infosim makes the necessary effort for the personal development of its personnel and observes the balance between work and private life. It tries to provide all kinds of opportunities for the employees to meet their basic needs in a suitable working environment and under hygienic conditions. Fundamental rights and freedoms of its personnel (food, drink, break, toilet, etc.) are not restricted at Infosim. Employees are informed about their legal rights.
Infosim regulates working hours as required by law. Recruitment, employment, placement, training, compensation and promotion are based on talent, performance, skills and experience. Employees are paid according to market conditions. It is absolutely ensured and controlled that the personnel use their legal leave rights during the year, and annual leaves are not repaid.


Our Responsibilities


Our Legal Responsibilities
Infosim, all of its current activities and transactions T.C. executes the laws and within the framework of international law, presents accurate, complete and understandable information to legal regulatory institutions and organizations when necessary.
While carrying out all its activities and transactions, it takes an equal distance from all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative formations, non-governmental organizations and political parties without any expectation of benefit and fulfills its obligations with this sense of responsibility.


Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers
As Infosim, we work with a focus on customer satisfaction, with an understanding that responds to the needs and demands of our customers as soon as possible and in the most correct way. For this purpose, it is ensured that the necessary quality standards are established and followed. We try to present our services in a fair manner within the framework of agreements, laws and business ethics; We treat our customers honestly and fairly with respect and courtesy.


Our Responsibilities Towards Our Employees
We ensure that employees' personal rights are fully and correctly used. We approach our employees honestly and fairly, and commit to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We observe the balance between business life and private life, and we make the necessary effort for the individual development of our employees.


Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers
We act fairly and respectfully, as expected from a good customer, and show due diligence to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of the people and organizations we do business with and our business partners.


Our Responsibilities Towards Our Competitors and Other Stakeholders
Infosim only competes legally and ethically and avoids unfair competition. Being single in some areas of the sector does not aim to be a monopoly. It does not create unfair competition by taking advantage of our relations.


Our Responsibilities Towards the Environment
Infosim tries to do its part in the protection of nature and the environment, and tries to meticulously comply with the warnings and regulations of the competent authorities in this regard.


Our Responsibilities Towards Society

Protection of democracy and human rights; The elimination of crime and corruption is very important to us. We do not give or accept bribes or gift products and services at an exorbitant price. We support efforts to eliminate such crimes.