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DELPHI / 400 .NET / 400

Delphi/400 and .NET/400 are the perfect solution to modernize IBM i (AS/400) applications.
Delphi/400 has all the power of Delphi marketed by Embarcadero, plus a native driver for accessing IBM i services and objects!
Delphi / 400 provides you with all the power of Delphi IBM i - AS/400 databases, system objects, programs and more.Another new feature came with the Berlin version: You can create native mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Delphi / 400 is a smart and efficient way to modernize your IBM i applications, so you can reduce end users' learning time and make them more efficient with fewer errors.
You can use VCL for Web in Delphi/400 to create interactive AJAX-enabled Web interfaces to your IBM i data and programs in record time and with minimal coding.
Delphi / 400 is an Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution used to build applications for WIndows Servers, .NET and IBM i. 


Cobos 4i (ex Smartpad4i)

Unique application development tool with RPG or COBOL for PCs, MACs, Smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android) !

Ergonomic, easy to use, efficiency, rapid development!

Unique and essential features

Supports all browsers in the market

Access to terminal services

Address book

Geolocation Services


Devices connected via Bluetooth

Develop your applications directly with Rational Developer for i (RDi).

Scalable with application server.

Does not require development on Smartphone and Tablet.

Advanced Features

Cobos4i connects SmartPad4i directly to Cobos environment, no RDi required.

SP4i is a referenced and certified product in the IBM Global Solutions Delivery catalog.

SP4i Generator automatically creates your RPG applications with your data access, including Google "recommendation" type search.

SP4i HTML Builder automatically creates your HTML files without requiring Java and HTML knowledge.

These components, produced by Systemobjects company, are now marketed by Metrixware company after Metrixware's acquisition of SystemObjects.



Cobos is an excellent IDE for mainframe developers.


Cobos's COBOL file editor brings the best of Eclipse to COBOL programmers: Quick and simple browsing of files with Outline, Syntax coloring, Autocomplete, Explicit notification, Compilation error notifications, Code templates, Track changes, Versioning... All these features are tailored for COBOL development. Cobos adds some outstanding features like MAINFRAME to these very useful features such as "Word-like" revision mode, COBOL resources COPY REPLACEMENT expansion, customizable tables, mainframe-like CAPS ON.


It comes with all the features and components required for a full integration with your Cobos mainframe systems, z/Navigator, je3270 (terminal

emulator, remote FTP access, advanced CVS support...)


Big Blue (IBM) Mainframes are not your target build system? Cobos also supports Windows and UNIX operating systems. With remote compilation, local program build capabilities and FTP access to UNIX resources.