PC Soft - Windev

This product, which is the 5GL (5th Generation Application Development Tool) produced by PC Soft Company, consists of 3 main parts:


It is an excellent tool that will save cost and time in application development, as well as increase usability, performance and reliability.

Today, managers are trying to produce more with less investment. The most important goals are to be able to determine the performance, cost, time and of course the gains in the software.

With WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV MOBILE, you will be able to easily produce all kinds of software projects with up to 10 times the speed (single and multi-user, client/server, Internet, Intranet, Mobile).

In WINDEV, these modules come as standard: UML and Merise Data Model editor, RAD, Documentation generator, IDE, UI generator, 5GL, Code editor, PDF and bar code report generator, Version Management, Debugger, Group Management, Third party languages connection...

WinDev is a cross-platform product. One code, same interface and same reports work on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows 10, Iot, Internet, SaaS, and more)

The software you produce with Windev is automatically upgraded to the new version when the new version of Windev is released, you only need to compile it once.

When using Windev, you do not need almost any 3rd party components, because everything is included.

PCSoft provides support to all new technologies by releasing a new version every year...

Also; Ability to connect with all databases: Oracle, SQL Server, AS/400, Informix, MySQL, Progress, Access, SyBase, xBase, Excel, ODBC... RS -232 serial connection, XML, Word and Excel connection

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