Software Development


In today's intensely competitive environment and rapidly changing conditions, it is no longer profitable to carry out your Application Development Projects with classical methods. With 5GL (5:generation) application development tools and No Code-Low Code platforms, code can be developed much faster and without errors, and integration needs can be met by using ready-made integration tools.
Infosim uses the latest technological tools while producing vertical solutions integrated with software such as ERP and CRM. In addition, it provides these tools to our customers who are engaged in software development activities within their IT department, enabling them to use them effectively.
These types of tools enable both developers and business users to create mobile and web applications up to 10 times faster and more flexibly than traditional development methods.

There are three key components that enable IT teams to rapidly develop better applications:


Support throughout the entire application lifecycle
It facilitates a more iterative, flexible process that enables organizations to adapt to changing requirements, accelerating every stage of the software deployment and lifecycle.


Democratizing app development
Traditional development methods require programmers who know how to work with certain programming languages. With the 5th Generation, Low-code and No-Code rapid application development tools, it moves away from the code and focuses more on business processes, increasing the general developer population and thus increasing the quality by enabling various users from all departments to participate in the development process.


Collaboration between IT and Business
Simply increasing developer productivity only slightly affects the success of IT projects. It prioritizes IT and Business Unit partnerships through rapid application development tools, project management features, visual development tools, and end-user feedback mechanisms, ensuring that each project is focused on producing high-quality results.